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BgNS's Nuclear energy for the people

Ruse, Bulgaria; 4 - 7 November 2019

The conference will provide to academic and industrial experts a common forum to present and discuss the news and issues concerning nuclear technology and nuclear applications. The “Nuclear energy for the people” conference aims also to bring together nuclear specialists, to present their results and to raise the trust of the general public to the achievements and use of nuclear science and technologies.

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VVER 2019 Recent & Future

Prague, Czech Republic, 11-12 November

The VVER conferences have been held in Prague since 2000. This year's conference is already the seventh in a row, and it builds on the previous successful meetings of experts from nuclear power plants with VVER reactors, representatives of regulatory bodies and authors of energy strategies, designers, suppliers of fuel, maintenance and other services for blocks in operation.

The main topics of this year's conference will be: Nuclear Energy Policy - The Czech Republic, and the World, Licensing, LTO (Long Term Operation), Power Uprates, Availability, Operation and Capacity Factors increasing, New Builds, Education, Training, R&D, Nuclear Fuel.

The abstract submission deadline is May 17, 2019